Ear Ringing Relief Supplement

Exclusive TAF1000™ Antioxidant Formula

Researched. Studied. Scientifically Formulated.

✓ Physician Formulated

✓ TAF1000™ Antioxidant Formula

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✓ 100% All-Natural Vegan Formula

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Combat Ringing in the Ears

Ear Ringing Relief Supplement With Physician Formulated TAF1000™ Antioxidant Blend

All-Natural Ingredients In A Superior Formula Designed With:




These essential vitamins and antioxidants are a premium combination of nutrients that supports and protects inner ear health that may reduce unpleasant ringing, roaring, and buzzing sounds.

The global burden of ear ringing, buzzing, or clicking affects roughly over 100 million people worldwide. Mostly older adults but younger adults suffer as well. This subjective noise may affect mood, concentration, and the ability to sleep.

Our Revolutionary Formula

Our revolutionary formula TAF1000™ Antioxidant Blend is a carefully selected powerhouse of antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and vitamins that combats free radicals that lead to oxidative stress that, studies have shown may lead to damage in the inner ear. 

Our Proactive Daily Ear Health Supplement Is Backed By Science.

Our revolutionary patent-pending formula TAF1000™ may promote and protect ear health. If taken regularly, it may prevent further damage to the inner ear.
Suggested Use: 5 capsules daily for a minimum of 60-90 days. 

✔ Promotes

Patent Pending Formulation TAF1000™ heals and supports daily ear health.

✔ Prevents

Patent Pending Formulation TAF1000™ may help prevent oxidative stress by the elimination of free radicals.

✔ Protects

Patent Pending Formulation TAF1000™ may protect ear health.

Board-Certified Physician Formulated

Our supplement is formulated by a board-certified physician and Tinnigone™ is the first in a series of natural supplements that addresses a common issue, ringing in the ears, which affects more than a 100 million people worldwide.

Our team’s vision is to create new, natural, high quality supplements that will improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to empower each individual with the supplements that will refresh, revitalize, and restore harmony to your body.